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  • How do I go about ordering a game(s)?
    Because I customize most games, currently I prefer to either get an email ( or a phone call (508-776-5646). This way I can make sure all details are covered.
  • I want to order a custom cornhole game, so how do I go about finding out what it will cost?"
    Best way is to personally give me a call at 508-776-5646 and we can discuss your options and your ideas.
  • How long after I order a game, can I expect it to be finished."
    Obviously it depends on the game(s) and quanity ordered, and decals etc. if ordered. But for the most part, right now I am currently running between 3-4 weeks. Although I do have some games that are semi complete and can be completed in a much shorter time frame. Inquire when placing your order.
  • Can these games be shipped and if so what are the costs?
    Yes, they can be shipped, but keep in mind that these are made of wood and the larger games can be very expensive to ship. The cost to ship is dependent certainly on the game(s), your location and I would have to check with my local shipper for a price, which would be the customers responsibilty.
  • Do you rent games other than Cape Cod?
    Currently, I am only offering rentals to the Cape Cod area, but hopefully in the near future the rental area will be expanded..
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