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Corn Hole Game Estimate Worksheet

This worksheet is used to estimate the cost of a custom game set, once you have completed the worksheet, call me when you are ready to place an order an I will review your choices and give you a set cost of your game. As you can see there are a few variables that certainly impact the cost. But the end result is you can get a customized game set, that you and others will enjoy. 

Corn Hole Game Set - Sanded & unfinished                                  $  200

Options available:   (Choose one of the following)
A.  Both boards painted with one color                                 Add   $    30
B.  Each board is painted a different color                             Add   $    40
C.  Both boards painted and striped or have a border           Add   $    50
D.  Each board painted with different color stripe / border    Add   $    60

E.  Decals (x2)__________________________________________ Start at  $   40
F.   Full Board Wraps ____________________________________ Start at  $   75
G. Under Mounted Lights _______________________________Start at   $  50
H. Bags filled with plastic corn ( 8 bags ) _____________________Add  $  30

Please call if you have any questions, as we want to make sure we cover all the details

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